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Protection Spell Jar

Protection Spell Jar


Introducing our Protection Spell Jar, a powerful tool for anyone seeking to ward off negative energies and create a safe and protected space. This jar is crafted with a blend of protective fern, purifying frankincense and myrrh, beautiful chrysanthemum flowers, as well as powerful crystals of tiger’s eye and obsidian.

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Fern is a plant that has long been used for protection and to ward off negative energies. Its strong and resilient nature makes it a powerful ally in creating a safe and protected environment.

Frankincense and myrrh are two powerful resins known for their purification and protection properties. They have been used for centuries in spiritual and religious practices to cleanse and protect sacred spaces.

Chrysanthemum flowers are a symbol of purity and clarity. They can help to purify the energy in your environment and bring a sense of peace and calm.

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal that can help to protect against negative energies and promote courage and confidence. It is also believed to enhance intuition and bring clarity to difficult situations.

Obsidian is a powerful grounding stone that can help to dispel negative energies and protect against psychic attacks. It can also help to bring clarity and insight to difficult situations.

Together, these powerful ingredients are combined in a beautiful glass jar, infused with positive intentions and charged with the energy of protection. Simply place the Protection Spell Jar in your home or workspace, light a candle and let the magic unfold.

This Protection Spell Jar makes for a beautiful and unique gift for yourself or a loved one, perfect for those seeking to create a safe and protected space in their home or workplace. Use it to purify the energy in your environment and protect against negative energies.

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