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Candle Color Meanings/Associations


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Red candles are used for energy, health, vitality, vigor, and is used to represent the element of fire. Red is physical and bestows energy (general, dynamic, receptive, sexual), dynamism, passionate love, physical desire, will power, and athletic ability (especially competitive).

Red stimulates fertility and personal power, it is the color of Mars, the god of war, and is the color of courage, determination, sexual passion and potency. Red candles are burned to increase the life force, for survival, physical health, pleasure, will power and to rouse anger – not the petty anger of spite, but the righteous anger that, if directed positively, can overcome injustice and bring about change. This is therefore a very powerful color and should be lit for worthy aims only and when you are in a positive frame of mind. Those who light a red candle are tapping into Aries and Scorpio energy.

Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Astrological Sign: Aries , Scorpio
Chakras: Root
Numerology: 5, 9


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Green Candles are used in spells for beginnings, growth, fertility, nature, renewal, rejuvenation, harmony, balance, the productive meadows of the Earth, healing, good health, to retain or regain a youthful appearance, goals, money, financial success, good luck, good fortune, earning increases, financial or material gain, possessions, riches, abundance, cooperation, generosity, charity, matrimony, and is a symbol of the Goddess and her green earth. This meaning can be traced back through the ages to when prosperity meant a bountiful harvest.

Light a green candle when you want to mediate and reflect on nature, growth, healing and the good luck that makes finding employment or business success possible.

Venus is the planet that rules the color green, is a feminine energy, and she is the goddess of love, and is associated with candle rituals for love and for all matters that require emotion, sympathy and empathy. It is also the color of Mother Earth and so is potent for healing, for rites involving the natural world, herbs, gardening and tree and plant magic, for growth and by association – the growth of money in prosperity rituals.

Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Chakras: Heart
Astrological Sign: Taurus , Libra
Numerology: 2, 3, 7


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

White candles are used for for cleansing, purification, healing, blessings, protection, purity, chastity, truth, sincerity, peace, spirituality, enlightment, prophecy, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, wholeness and joy. White also heals emotions, provides protection, repels negative energy, relieves tension and aids in meditation.

The white candle represents happiness, unity, and is the highest spirituality and the highest level of consciousness to protect, purify, and heal. White represents truth, unity, harmony, and wholeness of spirit.

White candles are used in protective, consecration and cleansing rituals, for healing the whole person, for spiritual matters, and for contact with one’s higher self and angels or spirit guides. In majick, white represents light and clear vision, and so is helpful where a new beginning or a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm is needed.

White is a good color for rites-of-passage work, especially for birth, marriage and welcoming rituals. Like silver, white is associated with female energies, lunar rituals, so a white candle is especially potent on Monday, the day of the moon. It is the creative Source itself, zero, the alpha, the light from which all life springs, the female aspect of God, the craft of the wise, the full of the moon, the symbol of the life giving Mother, and all female mysteries.

White seems unreachable, untouchable, incorruptible, it repels destructive energies, it raises vibrations, heals emotions, heals births, heals rapes, heals children and pets, balances the aura, and confounds enemies. White Candles are for purity and innocence.

Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Chakras: Crown
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Numerology: 1, 2, 5, 7, 9


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Brown candles are used in spells for balance, grounding, stability, nurturing, Earth magick, animal magick, home magick, friendships, agriculture, travel, increase, material gain, attracts money, helps overcome a financial crisis, material gain, wealth, financial success (especially when combined with green), healing, longevity, beginnings, rebirth / renewal.

Since brown candles are associated with the Earth, they are used for spells regarding security, property, and real estate. Some people like to burn brown candles in times of financial crises, as it is known to attract money and financial success. Brown candles may be used to attract the Earth Spirits.

Brown is the color of Beast Mastery, the most common color of fur and feathers, and represents all things soft and fuzzy. Use it in animal magic when working with your animal totem, or to protect animals and pets or familiars, or to heal such animals. Encourages love and attachment of animals, and animal cures.

Brown Wizards often work in pet stores, animal hospitals, shelters or zoos, or become park rangers or wildlife rescuers.

Planets: Earth (feminine), Saturn (masculine, dark brown), Pluto
Day: Saturday
Chakras: Feet, Sacral, Solar Plexus (yellow-brown)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn , Gemini , Libra , Virgo (dark brown), Scorpio (reddish-brown)
Numerology: 4, 8


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Gold: abundance, astral realms, attraction, awareness (expand), beauty, confidence, connections (divine), consecrate / bless, consciousness, creativity, darkness (dispel), divination, energy (solar), friendship, happiness, healing, the home, illumi8nation, increase, influence, intuition, knowledge, light, money, power, prosperity, protection, security, strength, skills, success, wealth, well-being, wisdom (universal)

Planet: Sun
Day: Sunday
Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown
Astrological Sign: Leo , Sagittarius , Virgo
Numerology: 1, 6


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Aqua:: Issues, Intentions and Powers:

compassion, gentleness, harmony

Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Chakras: Throat
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Numerology: 11


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Orange candles are a combination of yellow (mental agility) and red (action-energy), thus you have the best of both worlds. Orange solar energy builds vitality, energy, and stamina. Orange candles help in spells for attracting success, prosperity, good fortune, good luck, business and career success, and for attracting others in a positive way.

Orange candles represent pride, courage, heroism, kinship, ambition, abundance, trade, enterprise, business deals, property deals, and matters involving the law, justice, legal cases. Orange is attuned to warmth, spirit, will, personal strength, authority, alertness. Used as a balancing element. Cleanses negative attitudes, situations and places, happiness, emotional healing. Excellent for job hunting, sudden change, power to draw the good things in life. Use orange candles to bring yourself joy and success and for taking action. Aids in achieving goals, cleansing negative attitudes and bringing in happiness and enthusiasm. Also used for attracting friends and inspires emotional healing. Orange can also be used to cure fear, doubt, and worry.

Planet: Sun
Day: Sunday
Chakras: Sacral
Astrological Sign: Leo
Numerology: 1, 8


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Blue Candles are good to use in spells pertaining to spiritual well being, meditation, healing, rest, serenity, patience and kindness, inner calm, peace from within, sincerity, influencing fidelity and loyalty, for knowledge and wisdom, obtaining truth and light, and first contact with Higher Self. Blue helps entrain religious beliefs into a pure and healthy state.

Blue candles can also be used for establishing harmony in the home, for increasing occult wisdom and power, spiritual protection, burned for dream magick and prophetic dreams, and for summoning demons.

Blue gives peace, calm, harmony, satisfaction, bliss, oneness, and understanding of the spiritual realms. Blue is one of the colors associated with West and the element of Water, is the color of emotional work, it soothes and cools. In its brighter shades, it is a color of inspiration and clear communication.

The deep blues are good for legal matters, wisdom, royalty, protection. Blue can be ruled by either Jupiter (royal blue, Thursday), the Moon (light blue, Monday), or Saturn (dark blue, Saturday) – depending on the hue, because there is different shades of blue with different energies and is the one color that can be a bit confusing. However, many consider Royal Blue as belonging to the expansive male energies of Jupiter and other father/ sky gods in their role as law-givers and powerful rulers.

Light or pale blue candles is another very spiritual color, they are more in tune with lunar energy, intuition, communication, meditation, and inner wisdom, and radiate Aquarian energy (calm waters) and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations.

Planet: Jupiter
Day: Thursday
Chakras: Throat
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (sky blue), co-ruler in Pisces
Numerology: 4, 6


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Black candles are used to fight evil and to provide protection, to absorb or remove, to unblock, for binding, banishing, reversing curses and hexes, uncrossing rituals, absorbing or destroying negative energies, repelling black majick, protection from illness or evil, removing confusion, ridding of bad habits, healing discord, shapeshifting, and meditation rituals. Black candles are often associated with evil magic, but this is not true.

Black candles can be used for positive rituals such as those to absorb illness or stop bad habits. Black opens the levels of the subconscious mind, is used in spells and rituals to elicite a deeper meditative state or to ban bad or negative things. Black absorbs all colors, and is often used to absorb or banish negativity.

Use black candles to absorb or remove anything, to end something, to remove or encase undesirable energies, to break up a blocked or stagnant situation. The great mystery solver. Represents the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, and the unconscious.

Black candles, which are ruled by Saturn, can be potent in all forms of banishing majick, for leaving behind old sorrows and redundant relationships, for acknowledging grief and for rituals of parting.

Black, like brown, is the color of acceptance, whether of a restriction or of the frailties of self or others, and so it is a candle color of forgiveness.

Black is the color of Sorcery and the “Dark Arts,” relating Saturnian energies. As the color of night, black represents foreboding, fortitude, and consistency because of the need to “make it through the darkness.” Black is sometimes used as a protective color for majickal tools, especially handles and wrappings. It is also used when trying to banish a bad habit, turn negativity, or make drastic life changes.

Saturn rules black. Saturn is used for retribution and when we have been wronged – revenge. Be careful, you may feel that you need to punish someone at once with a Hex and make them suffer! That is real power, yeah? Wrong! Remember the laws of return, and avoid this temptation! This is most probably why Saturn is the teacher. Black influences self-control, endurance, and patience.

Spells using black energy are best performed during a waning Moon, on a Saturday when the planet Saturn is strongly placed and waxing. Spells using black need the power of the root chakra. Use with jet, obsidian, tourmaline or onyx.

Planet: Saturn
Day: Saturday
Chakras: Root
Astrological Sign: Capricorn , co-ruler in Aquarius
Numerology: 8, 13


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Pink candles are used in love magick for romantic love, devotion, tenderness, affection, warmth, compassion, honor, friendship, faith, forgiveness, joy, harmony, sensitivity, emotional and spiritual healing, and self-love. Pink is a lighter shade of red. It deals with an emotional love rather than the physical form, without the sexual connotation.

Pink represents love that comes from the heart that is freely given without condition, such as the emotions and feelings between parent and child, close friends, or family. Pink represents the purest form of love, raises vibrations, love without selfishness, feminine, banish lower vibrations and hate, love of friends and family, unselfish emotions, to start a relationship.

Putting a flame to a pink candle means that the devotee is interested in forming a partnership or is possibly seeking affection or perhaps emotional healing. The color of Universal love, unconditional and enduring.

Pink candles are used in rituals to attract attention or achieve some other joyful purpose. Pink is the color for all our relationships with other people – and especially those involving family, love, intimacy, and romance. Use pink candles for respect, moral, romantic love, femininity, attractiveness, beauty, understanding, purity, upbringing, faithfulness, reconciliation, forming partnerships, peace, spiritual love, sensitivity.

Pink colored candles are associated with the emotional and spiritual aspects of Venus, the goddess of love. When having friends over or if friends drop by even un-expectedly – burn pink and white candles for conversation and peacefulness.

Pink candle rituals are excellent for matters involving the gentler aspects of love, romance, affection and friendship, the healing of wounded emotions, for quiet sleep and for the mending of quarrels.

Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Chakras: Heart
Astrological Sign: Cancer , Gemini , Libra , Taurus , Virgo
Numerology: 6, 9


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Yellow Candles are used to symbolize brainpower, focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, logic, learning, to improve visualization, to improve memory. Use yellow for confidence, charm, persuasion, attractiveness, to compel another to do your bidding, also for inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, mental strength and clarity, communication. It stimulates your personal power and self-esteem, and promotes cheerfulness and an optimistic outlook. Use it to invoke or represent the element of Air.

Yellow candles are used to improve the mind, to deepen concentration, for mental (left-brained power), to enhance learning ability, and for speech, writing, and publishing.

Majick loves yellow because it is the color of success. Yellow is also for careers in business, communications or media concerns. Use yellow to break mental blocks, eliminates obstacles, and for good luck on a journey.

Workings using yellow energy need the power of the 3rd solar plexus chakra. For anything pertaining to intellect and communication, do the working on a Wednesday. Use with yellow jasper, yellow calcite, golden tiger eye or citrine.

Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Chakras: Solar Plexus
Astrological Sign: Gemini , Virgo
Numerology: 1, 12


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Purple candles are used to aid meditation, for enhancing psychic ability, awakening your 3rd eye chakra, intuition, visions, scrying, divination, astral travel, past-life work, fortune telling, bringing wisdom, spiritual power, increasing your magical powers, enhancing spiritual activities, help make contact with the spiritual world, spiritual awakening, spiritual protection, ancient wisdom, to remove curses, for healing, enthusiasm, idealism, financial affairs, business success, material wealth, power, supremacy, royalty, sovereignty, dignity, ambition, control, command, mastery, honor, respect, recognition, and for influencing people in power. In combination with blue candles, they can be used in healing rituals, and it is a severe illness cure.

If you want to do something in a big way, this is the color to use. Purple is the color of expansion of what you already have, in all forms. Purple expands anything you desire, such as spirituality, business, money, health, or love. Students of esoterism believe that purple candles have the power to cancel out the negative effects of bad karma. Ancient wisdom holds that the color purple is associated with the third eye. Burning a purple candle can enhance psychic powers.

The color has a meaning steeped in meditation, divination and hidden knowledge. Purple’s energies are male and the best day for purple candle rituals is Thursday. Use with amethyst, sugilite, peacock ore, purple kunzite and purple fluorite.

Planet: Jupiter , Neptune
Day: Thursday
Chakras: 3rd Eye
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius , Pisces
Numerology: 7, 8


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Lavender candles are used in spells for peace, gentleness, calmness, tranquility, protection (spiritual), consecrate / bless, inner healing, growth (spiritual), insight, introspection, marriage, the otherworld / underworld, divination, dream work, psychic ability, intuition, paranormal, sensitivity, dignity and spiritual shields.

This color is even a much softer side to purple, softer than violet but with a hint of pink, it reflects the Mother consciousness, manifestation and selflessness, spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, make contact with Higher-Self, attract spiritual assistance, very calming.

Planets: Neptune , Venus
Day: Friday
Chakras: Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye
Astrological Sign: Libra , Pisces


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Gray candles authority, balance, challenges, dream work, endings, energy, imagination, influence, learning, loneliness, loss, negativity, the otherworld / underworld, patience, peace, problems, protection (psychic, spiritually), quests, secrets, sorrow, spirits, stability, visions, wisdom

Planets: Moon, Saturn (dark gray)
Day: Monday, Saturday
Astrological Sign: Capricorn , Libra , Scorpio , Capricorn (dark gray), Virgo (dark gray)
Numerology: 4, 5


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Indigo:: ambition, awareness, balance (general, karmic, spiritual), clarity, clairvoyance, communication (with spirits), connections (ancestors), consciousness, dignity, discipline, divination, endurance, fear, honesty, karma, marriage, peace (inner), purification (spiritual), quests, rebirth / renewal, relationships, self-work, the senses (clear sight), spirits (contact), success, truth

Planets: Jupitur , Neptune , Saturn , Uranus , Venus
Day: Friday, Saturday, Thursday
Chakras: 3rd Eye
Astrological Sign: Aquarius , Capricorn , Pisces


Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Silver:: Issues, Intentions and Powers:

Silver represents ambition, astral realm, awareness, beginnings, challenges, clairvoyance, clarity, communication (with ancestors), consciousness, creativity, defense, divination, dream work, enchantment, energy (general, psychic), fame, healing, influence, insight, inspiration, intuition, magic (moon), money, negativity, power, protection (psychic, spiritual), psychic ability, purification, purity, spirituality, stability, success.

Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Chakras: Sacral
Astrological Sign: Aquarius , Cancer , Gemini
Numerology: 5, 9

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