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Palo Santo Dhoop Incense

Palo Santo Dhoop Incense


HEM brand Palo Santo dhoop incense is made from select woods, resins and oils. Shorter and thicker than regular incense, without a wood core, and is commonly used in ritual, cleansing, and smoke scrying. Comes with a holder, 10 sticks per box.

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What is Palo Santo?

“Palo Santo” means sacred wood (or holy wood) in Spanish and as such, is widely used for spiritual purposes. Many claims that it has healing and tranquilizing powers, which is why it has fascinated civilizations since ancient times.

Among others, it was widely used by the Inca Shamans in their religious and spiritual practices. Modern practitioners use it as an ingredient to ward off negativity and achieve clarity and wisdom.

How to Use Palo Santo to Cleanse

Usually, Palo Santo comes in a set of short sticks ready to be lit. To burn palo santo sticks all you need is a lighter or a candle, and an ashtray (or your cauldron)

Light the tip of the stick with a lighter or candle flame.

You will see black smoke coming out. This is the surface of the wood burning.

Wait for 20 seconds. Blow it off and watch the white smoke rise.

Stroll through the space where you want to clean the energies.

When you’re done, place the stick in an ashtray our fireproof container.

Enjoy the naturally soothing scent of palo santo.

You can light the same stick again whenever you need to.

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