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Welcome to Moonstruck Majick ! $50+ ORDERS RECEIVE FREE US SHIPPING!

Moon Goddess Bundle

Moon Goddess Bundle


Delight your inner Moon Goddess with selections from Moonstruck Majick’s favorite curated items.

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This bundle includes:

1- Moon Goddess Body & Anointing Ritual Oil. Let the lightly scented aroma of cucumber and jasmine easy your worries and transport you to another dimension. With a coconut oil base, this can be used anywhere, and even be used to aniont your spell candles!

1- White Sage has been found to be rich in compounds that activate certain receptors in the brain responsible for elevating mood and reducing stress. When used, it assists with increasing spiritual awareness and clearing negative energy from spaces.

1- Nag Champa cone incense. Nag Champa is one of the most soothing scents, and can drive negativity from any environment. Nag Champa’s warm vibes fit perfectly for those performing lower Chakra work

1- 20 pack of assorted color spell candles, which fit perfectly in our cast iron candle holders!

1- Selenite 3.5″ unpolished wand. Selenite is a multi use crystal, which can be used to clear negative energies, or used to charge other crystals in your collection. Associated with the Moon and crown chakra, which represents wisdom and spirituality, as well as the third eye chakra.

1- Evil Eye Earrings, with white chalcedony, will help ward off negative energy and bring a sense of tranquility. Chalcedony is composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite, and is noted to be a protective element for Cancers.

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