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Let’s Learn how to figure out what lucky days are coming your way

Ascertain from the Almanac the day on which a full moon occurs, and count the number of days from that to the end of the month: you then multiply the number of days in the month by the number ascertained as above, and the total will give you the lucky days (subject to a further test hereafter explained), which must be reckoned this wise: if the total happens to be, say 516, the lucky days of that month would be the 5th and 16th, and if it should be 561, the days are the same, for you must always transpose the figures when they will work together. Suppose that instead of 516, the total should be 399; as neither of these figures can be paired, the lucky days from that total are the 3d and 9th, and the 9th would be considered doubly lucky if no tests worked to the contrary.

The unlucky days are determined in precisely the same manner, by multiplying the number of days in the month by the number which had passed previous to a full moon.

After working out your list of lucky days, in the manner above described, you must then test them, in order to be sure that there are no opposing influences. You can do this by calculating the unlucky days. Should you find that any day of the month which was designated as lucky came also in the list of unlucky days, the latter preponderates, and you must strike it from the lucky list.

This plan of demonstrating lucky and unlucky days is very ancient and has been tested to such an extent that it is considered accurate135 by most astrologers. In old times, before the mass of people understood much about figures, professional fortune-tellers demanded a large fee for casting the lucky days of any month, which they accomplished in the manner above described.

Lucky marriage days for girls were cast in the same manner, except that the age of the girl was used as the multiplicator, or multiplier, instead of the number of days in the month. The result was determined similarly, and also by a test of the unlucky days. Thus, if a girl is 18 years old, and thinks of marrying in October, she takes up an Almanac and ascertains the day of the full moon in that month. It occurs on the 24th, and there are 31 days in the month: this leaves 7 for the multiplier. She multiplies this by her age, 18, and the result is 106, which shows the lucky days in that month for her to marry are the 10th and 6th unless they are destroyed by the test, which is determined as follows: There are 23 days before the 24th, and she must multiply 23 by 18, which gives 414, and shows that the 4th and 14th are the only unlucky days for her to marry; and as they do not conflict with the lucky days, the 6th and 10th may be considered as genuine lucky days for that month, reckoning the moon to have full on the 24th. In determining her age, she should reckon any period over half a year a full year.

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