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Welcome to Moonstruck Majick ! $50+ ORDERS RECEIVE FREE US SHIPPING!

A New Witch’s Introduction to Casting Spells and Using Spell Kits

Did you know that spell-casting is one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world?

That’s right! Ancient civilizations dating back to the first millennium B.C. believed in the power of magick. They used spells to “bind’ people to certain desired outcomes, focusing mostly on business, personal affairs, and love lives. Today, spell-casting continues to fascinate and entice spiritualists across the globe. But how does spell-casting work?

Learn how to cast spells using spell kits and jars below.

Step 1: Purify Your Mind and Space

The first step to casting spells and inviting divine energy into your living spaces is to purify them. Your performing place should be clean and pure of any negative energy. You can use cleansing products like natural incense sticks and smudge bundles to amplify the flow of positive energies.

Your intentions should also be clear and positive when casting spells. Most witches don’t support casting spells to wish ill upon someone. So, purify your mind and soul of any negative energy by using ritual body care products like anointing oils and bath salts.

Step 2: Buy Specialized Spell Kits

Different ritual products and witchcraft supplies have different properties. You should equip yourself with tools that are the most suitable for achieving your ritual goals. Start by searching specialized spells kits and jars online. The most effective spell kits contain charged stones and crystals, white sage bundles, incense sticks, and Palo Santo sticks for casting spells.

Step 3: Set Up an Altar

Like every other divine act, spell-casting requires a dedicated space. You need to set up an altar or magick circle (a “pentacle”) to perform your ritual. The circle or altar should be large enough to sit in and place witchcraft supplies in. You can use ritual products like charged stones and crystals, candles, and incense sticks to purify and positively charge your altar.

Step 4: Start Casting Spells

Finally, it’s time to start casting spells. It’s essential to call upon a divine deity or higher power before casting spells. Then, you should divert your mental focus toward your intentions and desires. You can search commonly-used incantations online if you’re struggling to write your own spells. Visualize your wish and recite your incantations repeatedly. Once you’re done wishing, cast your wish off into the universe by tossing away a charged stone, blowing out a candle, or performing any other similar “closing” act.

Step 5: Finish the Process Appropriately

Lastly, complete the ritual by expressing your gratitude to the divine powers. You should also intend for the leftover energy to flow away from you when finishing the ritual. There you go! You just cast a spell.

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