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Welcome to Moonstruck Majick ! $50+ ORDERS RECEIVE FREE US SHIPPING!

Full Moon – The Release – Forgiveness in Ritual

Emotions are strong and clear, the answers will show up. Learn to practice release, forgiveness, releasing negativity, and expressing gratitude.

Questions you should ask yourself before you commit to the release.


  • Are you holding on to grudges, betrayal, or negative events?
  • Do you connect to the energy frequency and relive the experience?
  • Does it still hurt and affect you?
  • Can you let it go?


  • Can you forgive yourself for the energy attachment?
  • What has the experience taught you?
  • Can you pinpoint the holding area of the negativity in your body?
  • Have you connected the experience to growth?

As you know energy does not disappear it transcends the earthy plane and transmutes into its’ sought-after form. This is important to note as the hypocrisy of many spiritual teachers is that energy is gone… The most admired practitioner I know has a multi-level dimensional connection that she is aware of and transmutes the energy in multi-dimensions to change the direction as requested.

This is what will set you free…Cleansing, meditation, reflection, and energy mutation…

I pulled a couple of ideal cleansing items above for you to cleanse your home and your body.

You can also do a simple egg cleanse and set the egg under the moon.

You can also take a cleansing bath with the above bath soak and reflect on the body point of the kept energy. You will then revisit the questions you answered and focus on the area you found the trauma or negative energy to be released.

After, cleaning your home, bathing, and reflecting… you then enjoy your moon connection!

Go out under the moon and talk to her… connect and push the troublesome energy out of your body and ask her to renew and refresh the energy with your soul connection of moon glory.

I know it sounds easy. It really is if you have the soul connection with yourself an honest approach to your soul identity in the energetic plane of spiritual existence.

May your spirit be your guide to a new beginning and a release … with the Full Moon

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