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Divination Tools: Scrying Mirror

A scrying mirror is a tool used in divination by witches and other practitioners of magic. It is typically a black or dark mirror, often made from obsidian or another reflective material, that is used to help the user focus their thoughts and tap into their intuition.

To use a scrying mirror, the practitioner will typically sit in a dimly lit room and gaze into the mirror, allowing their mind to quiet and their thoughts to settle. They may use a candle or other source of light to illuminate the mirror, and some practitioners may also use incense or other tools to help create a calm and focused atmosphere.

As the practitioner gazes into the mirror, they may begin to see images or symbols that appear in the reflection. These images may be literal or symbolic, and may be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the practitioner’s intuition and knowledge of symbolism.

Scrying mirrors can be used for a variety of purposes, including divination, spirit communication, and self-reflection. Some practitioners may also use scrying mirrors in combination with other tools, such as tarot cards or runes, to gain deeper insights into their readings.

Overall, scrying mirrors are a powerful tool for witches and other practitioners of magic who seek to tap into their intuition and connect with the unseen realms. By allowing the mind to quiet and focusing the gaze, scrying mirrors can help reveal hidden insights and provide guidance on the path of spiritual growth and development.

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