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Divination Tools: Pendulums

Witches and other practitioners of divination use pendulums as a tool for receiving yes or no answers to questions or for receiving guidance in decision-making. Pendulums are usually made of a small weight on a chain or cord that is suspended from the hand or a stand.

Before using a pendulum for divination, some practitioners believe it should be programmed or attuned to the user’s energy and intentions. Here’s one way to program a pendulum:

  1. Cleanse the pendulum: You can cleanse your pendulum by holding it under running water or passing it through the smoke of sage or incense.
  2. Hold the pendulum: Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand, allowing it to dangle freely.
  3. Set your intention: Begin by stating your intention for the pendulum. For example, you might say, “I program this pendulum to help me receive clear and accurate guidance in my divination practice.”
  4. Establish the directions: To use the pendulum for yes or no questions, establish which direction represents “yes” and which represents “no.” You can do this by asking the pendulum to show you what “yes” looks like and noting which way it swings, then doing the same for “no.”
  5. Practice: Practice using the pendulum with simple questions to get a feel for its movements and establish a rapport with the tool.

During a divination session, the practitioner holds the and asks it yes or no questions, observing the direction in which it swings or the pattern of its movements. Some practitioners also use pendulums to locate objects, energy blockages in the body, or to select herbs, crystals or tarot cards for use in spells or rituals. Many practitioners use a pendulum mat, with pre-printed answers, like below:

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