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What is a Freezer Spell?

A freezer spell is a type of spell that is intended to freeze the actions or intentions of a person, often for protection or to stop harmful behavior. It is a common form of spellwork in various magical traditions, including witchcraft and hoodoo.

To perform a freezer spell, the practitioner will typically need a few basic supplies and ingredients, including a jar or ziplock bag, water, vinegar, salt, and a piece of paper or photograph with the name or image of the person or situation they wish to freeze. Other ingredients, such as herbs or oils, may also be added to enhance the spell’s potency, such as dirt, rusty nails, body fluids or the intended’s hair.

To perform the spell, the practitioner will write the name of the person or situation they wish to freeze on the paper or photograph, and then place it in the container or ziplock bag. They will then add water, vinegar, and salt to the container, and state their intention to freeze the situation or person’s actions. The container is then placed in the freezer and left there until the situation has been resolved or the harmful behavior has stopped.

The purpose of a freezer spell is to halt or slow down a person’s harmful actions, or to protect oneself or loved ones from negative energy or harm. It is often used in situations such as dealing with a toxic person or relationship, stopping harassment or bullying, or protecting oneself from harm or danger.

Overall, freezer spells are a simple yet effective form of spellwork that can be used for a variety of purposes in magic and witchcraft. By using the power of intention and symbolism, practitioners can freeze the actions of those who seek to harm them or their loved ones, and protect themselves from negative energy and harm.

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