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The Ghost Who Came to Play


This true ghost story might strike you as more “aw” than “eek”—but only until you consider that we really have no idea what our four-legged friends can sense that we cannot.

Can dogs see ghosts? Well, there are plenty of dog experts out there, including veterinarians, who will attest to the fact that there’s “lots of documentation that could support the notion that dogs can sense paranormal activity,” as Jesus Aramendi, DVM, a senior veterinarian for Chewy, put it.

And then there’s the fact that this story came to Reader’s Digest directly from a well-known psychic medium, Kristy Robinett, who has a strong record for using her ghost-whispering skills to help detectives solve confounding cases.

“Marlene settled onto her side of the bed and patted Jack’s pillow beside her,” Robinett told Reader’s Digest. “A year had gone by, but Marlene was still adjusting to widowhood. Maybe it was crazy to think that after 40 years of marriage, she would ever adjust. Elmer the golden retriever seemed to understand this from the very first. That cold, moonless night when Marlene returned, alone, from the hospital, Elmer did something he’d never done before. He jumped up onto Jack’s side of the bed and lay his head on the pillow.

“Jack would never have allowed it,” Robinett pointed out, “but Marlene didn’t shoo him off. Instead, she lay down beside Elmer and let the peaceful sound of his snoring lull her to sleep. The next night was the same, and the night after that.

“Over the past year, it had grown into a comforting routine. But not tonight. Tonight was the first time Elmer had left Marlene alone in the bed since Jack’s passing. But hearing nails clicking on the wood floor downstairs, Marlene recognized the sound of Elmer requesting ‘outsies.’ With a sigh, Marlene made her way down the stairs to the foyer. But Elmer wasn’t pacing in front of the big oak door. Rather, he was dancing.

And wagging. And wiggling and bowing. Just like he used to do when Jack would come home from work.”

To Marlene, it felt as if Jack had just come home, and Robinett, who is known for her remarkable intuition about these things, believes that is, indeed, what happened.

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